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  • Lin Chi-ling

    Lin Chi-ling, 2002, drew attention by participating in the ads shooting of a TV station, and selected as “No.1 Beauty of Taiwan” by media the next year. 2004, began turning to mainland China for developing her acting career. 2007, played a role in film “Red Cliff”, her screen debut, and formally entered the movie and television field. 2008, starring in her first personal comedy “Welcome to Shamatown”.
  • Wang Feng

    Wang Feng, the Chinese rock singer,music creators,music composer.The founder of the BaoJiajie street number 43 bands.He received professional music education from his childhood.With strong songs creation ability, noted mainland musician. His music style is unique.
  • Jolin Tsai

    1999, Jolin Tsai released her debut single EP “Living with the World”. September 1999, she released her debut album “Jolin 1019”, began her singing career ever since.2001, she won Taiwan Audience Selection Award of American “MTV Video Music Awards”. 2002, she appeared on the cover of “Business Week” (American version) as a representative of “Mando-Pop” scene. 2002, she released “The Spirit of Knight”. 2003, she released album “See My 72 Changes”. 2004, she won the first place in the Netherland Xtips ranking with her song “Love Love love”.
  • Jeff Chang

    Jeff Chang, Rolling Stone Age (1988-1995)Signed contract with Elite Music Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Rock Records Co., Ltd., started off his showbiz career in 1988, presenting his first song “It’s You” together with Michelle Pan. The lead singer in the single song “Fly To The Sun” of album “Beautiful New World I” (1988); the singer in the single song “We Stand Behind You” of album of “War and Peace” of “Beautiful New World II”.
  • Phil Chang

    Phil Chang is a mandarin singer-song-writer, television presenter and actor. His representative works are “Well-intentioned”, “Rain Keeps Falling”, “Are the Fault of the Moon”, “As Early As Possible”, “It’s Hard to Say”, “A Good Man”, “Big Woman”, etc. When studying at junior high school, Phil Chang started his musical career with the releasing of his first song “Pigeon”.
  • Phoenix Legend

    Phoenix Legend, composed of Yangweilinghua and Zeng Yi, is a domestic performance group.In 2004, Phoenix Legend was established.In 2005, Phoenix Legend won the second place in the 2005 “XING GUANG DA DAO”, and released its first album “Above the Moon” the same year, which opened the first type of “Chinese folk style song” music. By integrating classic folk songs elements with electronic music, rap, etc., Phoenix Legend was succeeded in combining the folk singing and popular singing together.
  • Steve Chou

    Steve Chou, also known as Xiao Gang, born in Taichung City, Taiwan Province on June 7, 1969, with his native place originated to Gongan County Jingzhou Hubei Province, male pop singer and song-writer of China’s Taiwan Province.
  • Eric Moo

    ERIC MOO, singer, record producer, TV presenter.1985, ERIC MOO released his first mandarin album "Mood" in Malaysia and won the ranking championship.1988, he released, at the same time, the mandarin album “You Are Still The Only One” in both Taiwan and Malaysia for the first time, and thus entered Taiwan music industry.
  • Ricksong

    Ricksong, He online drama representative works are "Only one bit of youth" and "That Classroom". He has performed in the TV series "Cool, We Can Not Sad" and "Love of Aurora".He was invited to participate in Tencent’s video entertainment program "The Son of Tomorrow" and Hunan Satellite TV’s "Happy Camp" program, received praises.
  • Quintus

    Quintus, Representative music works: “It Is Always You”, “Shameless” and “Last Good-bye”. 2015, published his first personal story collection “Love is a Subtle Nourish”; August the same year, presented at the Shanghai Book Fair, breaking the historical popularity record of book fair.
  • June

    June,2008, he won the first place of 3rd International Chinese Singers Championship (Sichuan Division). 2010, he participated in “Super Boy”, a Talent Show program held by Hunan Satellite TV, and won 9th place, and made his debut by releasing his first single song “Sweety Love”.
  • Mario

    Mario, 2003, was found by talent scout and then become a model. 2007, starred, for the first time, “The Love of Siam”, and was nominated the best supporting-actor at the 2008 Asian Film Awards with this film, as well as won the Best Actor at 5th Starpics Thai Films Awards and the Best Actor Award at the 10th Manila Philippines International Film Festival. 2008, starred movie “Friendship”, and won 2009 Top Award and 2008 best new act award accordingly.

    SBFIVE, The members of Thai Idol Man Combination SBFIVE are Bbasjtr, Kiimmon, CCopter, TaeDarvid and TEe_JaRuji. Major movie and TV works are: Thai TV drama “Two Moons”, representative single song: “WHENEVER”.
  • Stephen Hendry

    Stephen Hendry, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on January 13, 1969, Scottish professional snooker player, nicknamed "the emperor of billiards," is recognized as the greatest snooker player in history. Stephen Hendry reached the peak of his competitive state in 1990s. Starting in 1999, his performance began to decline as he grew older, and by the end of the 2007-08 season, Henry was ranked sixth in the world. Stephen Hendry lost 2-13 to Stephen Maguire in the quarter-finals of the 2012 Snooker World Championships. On May 2, the same year, billiards emperor Stephen Hendry announced his retirement on his microblog, ending a 27-year career.
  • Bertie Ahern

    Bertie Ahern, former Irish Prime Minister (1997-2008), previously served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of European Economic Community (2004), Chairman of the Board of Directors of European Investment Bank,Director of both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, etc., and currently the Co-Chair of Inter Action Council.In 2005, he paid an official visit to China as prime minister of Ireland, meeting with Mr. Hu Jintao, the former President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and Mr. Wu Bangguo, the former Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee at Beijing.


FTI is an official encrypted digital currency in the FansTime ecosystem based on the launch of FansTime Chain. FTI is the official token for any transaction conducted in the ecosystem and the backbone economic system of the ecosystem. In the future, the FansTime community will launch the community motivation system and all the participants in the community will be given equal access to FTI.


  • Individual IP Value System

    FTI, the TOKEN generated on FansTime Chain parent chain will become the only object to price an Individual IP so as to solve the pricing, financing, derivative development and assetization.

  • International Crowdfunding Platform For Individual IP

    FansTime will also provide an international crowdfunding platform for FTI holders in addition to continuously connecting the terminal consumption scenarios to the Ecosystem.

  • Global Membership Rewards System Of Individual IP

    Based on distributed data storage, asymmetric encryption, peer-to-peer networking and other Blockchain related technologies, a global membership rewards system may be realized.

Application Scenarios

  • Time Exchange

  • Fans Rights Mall

  • Exclusive Token Exchange


  • Project start

  • Fanstime launched its two social media campaign with billions of influence to fans around the world.

  • FansTime sub ecosystem Star Time Exchange online FansTime Dapp

    Digital star cooperation /Continuous updating of products

  • FansTime international Festival&Global Blockchain Elite Forum in Macau

  • FansTime (FTI) created the history of HADAX and was supported by 14 super nodes and successfully logged into the HADAX Exchange

    FansTime (FTI) has successfully entered two exchanges, CoinEgg and Bit-z.

  • FansTime (FTI) ecological dividend mechanism opens

    FansTime sub ecosystem DAPP opens star time trading competition

    FansTime Chain is in the research and development of public chains,Dpos+Pow algorithm is adopted

    FansTime (FTI) successfully login to gate.io, CoinMex, Fcoin...

  • FANSTIME International Celebration China-Korea Culture Night & Global Blockchain Celebrities Summit・Korea Station

    Tokenized Idol Group of FansTime Start the sea election

    FansTime personal certification exchange

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