Major Blockchain-based Fandom Ecosystem Launches on HADAX

2018-10-24 16:47:59source: FansTime

1 June 2018

Major Blockchain-based Fandom Ecosystem Launches on HADAX

Beijing, 1 June 2018 -- The fastest-growing blockchain-based fandom ecosystem, Fanstime Foundation Pte Ltd (known as FansTime) supported by the most super nodes in history has been launched on Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) today.

FansTime Chain has achieved a resounding success by winning support of 14 nodes in the third round of voting for launching activity, the sole one earning the support of most super nodes in the history of HADAX. This thorough win of FansTime Chain has gained multiple recognition of industry authorities and has also contributed to building the confidence of users worldwide in value potential and climbing space of FTI, a proprietary trading cryptocurrency owned by FansTime.

FansTime Chain has owned and executed a portfolio of events including FansTime International Celebration and Appreciation Party, Press Conference of Global Communities, Global Blockchain Celebrities Summit, etc. FansTime Chain has also signed over a hundred leading Chinese celebrities such as Feng Wang, Jolin Tsai, Chiling Lin, Jeff Chang Shin-Che, Hendry, etc, making the chain the biggest and most influential of its kind globally.

FansTime Chain is a new Blockchain system based on the Blockchain2.0 supporting multiple smart contracts. FansTime Chain is the underlying technology of FansTime. When FansTime newly came online, the FansTime Chain took the form of Consortium Blockchain to reduce the maintenance costs and improve the upgrading efficiency. The FansTime Chain will open up its bookkeeping to become a Public Blockchain when the FansTime community is getting larger and the Blockchain technology more mature. FTI is an official encrypted digital currency in the FansTime ecosystem based on the launch of FansTime Chain. FTI is the official token for any transaction conducted in the ecosystem and the backbone economic system of the ecosystem. In the future, the FansTime community will launch the community motivation system and all the participants in the community will be given equal access to FTI.

As the fastest-growing block-based ecosystem of fandom, FansTime has already created a sizable giant lineup composed of eighteen big investors including China Equity Group, MINIPO, NEXT, QIANHAI WUTONG, GINKGO CAPITAL, Node Capital, Huoxun Capital, Qingling Capital, Xianglian Capital, DFUND, ShineChain, LinkVC,

Hongshen Capital, Ju Capital, Stars Capital, ARRIVAL CAPITAL, Lemi Capital, Gama Capital, and established strategic cooperation relationship with, the United Cultural Works Exchanges and GINGKCO.


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