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User Usage Agreement of FansTime

    1. Special prompts

     1.1 FANSTIME FOUNDATION PTE. LTD. and related affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as "FansTime") agree to provide buy & sell services of FansTimes time commodity based on the Internet and mobile networks in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and operating rules issued from time to time (hereinafter referred to as "FansTime"). In order to obtain FansTime services, users of FansTime services (hereinafter referred to as the "User") shall recognize and agree overall articles of this Agreement based on understanding overall contents of this Agreement and its independent thinking, and should complete all registration procedures according to the instructions listed on the page. When going through registration procedures, by clicking the checked item, user will be seen as completely accepted the User Usage Agreement of FansTimeand various rules and standards issued by FansTime.

      1.2 Upon successfully completing registration, FansTime will open FansTime services for the accounts provided in accordance with the registration requirements, to meet the objective demands of users for applying and registering FansTime services, while users shall have right to use FansTime services opened, agreed and provided by FansTime. Account number and password should be taken good care of by user. When using FansTime services, users should bear overall responsibilities for the information delivered, issued and opened by users through FansTime services, as well as any consequences arising therefrom. The Information delivered, issued or displayed by users will be visible to other FansTime service users, as well as to the third-party services and websites.

      1.3 Users should be fully aware of the risks accompanied with buying and selling of time commodities. All data and information provided by FansTime are for user's reference only, and will not constitute a direct basis for user to perform related operations on. If user does so, he/she shall assume the risks accordingly. FansTime shall not bear any economic or local legal liabilities.

      1.4 Users promise to conscientiously abide by the local laws, regulations, rules and systems, normative documents and FansTime's rules related to the trading market of time commodity, and willingly cooperate with FansTime to standardize the behaviors in the trading market of time commodities.

      1.5 Users promise that he/she has understood the trading rules of time commodity, trading practices of time commodity, knowledge of time commodity, products knowledge about the time commodities traded, and known well of risks contained in the trading process of time commodities.

      1.6 Users promise that he/she has fully understood the meaning of "caveat emptor". And users confirm that both benefit and loss exist in the trading of time commodities. And user shall bear the consequence, whether benefit or loss, arising from trading of time commodities.

      1.7 FansTime provides users with relevant information and market data by means of software products, and supplies them with high value-added information and data services (Such information and data services are automatically generated based on data model, without man-made control or manipulation) after arranging, processing and integrating above information and data by using the relevant data analysis system and statistics computation model. It is intended to help users make rational decision and control risks in relevant processing process. In the process of using software products, the contents of information and data provided by FansTime shall not be viewed by users as FanTimes explicit or implicit commitment to profit, or shall not be deemed as suggestion for selecting/buying and selling specific products, or shall not be regarded as feasibility analysis, forecast or proposal of trends, trading opportunity or any other forms consultation/suggestion. FansTime shall not assume any responsibilities of any breach of contract, compensation, or other civil liabilities on the risks and losses brought by usersdecisions.

      1.8 In order to improve usersexperience and satisfaction of FansTime services, users agree that FansTime can conduct investigation, research and analysis on usersdata based on usersoperation behaviors so as to further optimize FansTime services.

     2. Risk Alerting

      2.1 The trading services of time commodity supplied by FansTime are non-investment products. Users may earn higher proceeds by using them as investment products, but have to bear bigger risk at the same time. In order to know well about such risks, users are suggested to read the "Risk Alerting Letter" carefully.

      2.2 Facing the rising and falling of price in time commodity market, users should make objective judgment on their economic and psychological bearing capability before buying, and should make careful decision on the amounts of funds, tokens using for selling time commodity, and their sources. FansTime encourages buying time commodity with usersspare money to enrich their life. Users are strongly recommended to know well the principle of caveat emptorbefore using such money as pension, money to see doctor, children education funds or tokens, even the housing mortgage funds or borrowed money for buying, and carefully read the Commitment Letter of Buyer for Taking Full Responsibility before actually buying.

      2.3 Prior to buying time commodity, users shall carefully read some public materials such as product bulletin, personal information, etc., and understand relevant information about the products as detailed as possible. Users should raise awareness of self-protection, prevent information fraud, and dont see with one eye or follow blindly varieties of information spread through abnormal channels.

      2.4 The risks revealed by FansTime cannot cover overall risks maybe occurred in buying overall time commodities when enjoying the services for buying time commodity, and market situations as a whole then. Users must get a clear understanding of such risks before participating in buying time commodities. They are suggested to get in-depth understanding of various risks hidden in market and proceed with caution before making decision for buying time commodities.

     3. Service contents

      3.1 The detailed contents of FansTime services will be provided by FansTime according to the actual situation, including but not limited to buying time commodities through FansTime services with their accounts, releasing opinions, comments, photos, video, forwarding, links, etc. conducted by authorized users. FansTime shall have right to make upgrading on the services or products provided by it, or on other arrangement, and shall timely update its pages and inform them to users.

       3.2 Some of the network services provided by FansTime are fee-based network services, and users should pay FansTime certain fees for using fee-based network services. For the charge Internet service, FansTime will give users clear information about it before using of users. Only by confirming his/her willing to pay for the usage of the charge network, can users enjoy the services of charge network. If user refused to pay relevant fees, FansTime shall have right not to supply the user with the said charge network services.

      3.3 Users understand that FansTime only provides technical services related to FansTime services. In addition, the equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices connected with the Internet or mobile network) and the fees to pay (such as telephone charges and Internet access fees for accessing the Internet, and mobile phone charges for using mobile networks) should be borne by users themselves.

     4. Change, interruption or termination of services

      4.1 In view of the special nature of the network services (including but not limited to the stability of server, the existence of malicious network attacks and other circumstances beyond the control of FansTime), users agree that FansTime shall have right to interrupt or terminate some or all of FansTime services (including chargeable network services). If such interruption or termination of FansTime services occurs, FansTime shall inform the affected users promptly via web pages or user announcements, system notifications, private messages, sms alerts or other reasonable means.

      4.2 User understands that FansTime needs to conduct overhaul or maintenance on FansTime service platform (such as Internet websites, mobile Internet, etc.) or related equipment regularly or irregularly. In case interruption occurred to the services in the rational time commodities caused by such circumstances. FansTime shall not bear any responsibility for this, but FansTime should give advance notice as far as possible.

      4.3 In case one of the following circumstances occurred, FansTime shall have right to interrupt or terminate supplying users with FansTime Services (including charged services) under this Agreement, and shall not bear any responsibilities for users or any third party:

      4.3.1 Users provided untruth personal information;

      4.3.2 Users violated the usage rules prescribed by local laws and regulations, national policies or the provisions of this Agreement;

      4.3.3 Users failed to pay for the fee-based service they have used according to the relevant rules.

      4.4 In case user failed to use the services actually for any consecutive 90 days after applying for opening FansTime services, FansTime shall have right to adopt any one of the following disposal methods:

      4.4.1 Withdraw users nickname;

      4.4.2 Withdraw user account or stop providing the user with FansTime services.

     4.5 In case that user chooses to bind the FansTime account with the account of the third-party cooperating with FansTime, except the case that the user unbinds that binding relationship, if one of the following cases occurs, the third partys account bound by the user may be unbound, and FansTime shall not bear any responsibility for the user or any third party:

     4.5.1 Users violated local laws and regulations, national policy and this Agreement;

     4.5.2 User violated usage agreement of third-party account or its related regulations;

     4.5.3 Others cases needing to remove binding.

     5. Usage Rules

     5.1 When registering FansTime account for conducting trading of time commodity, or producing, publishing or distributing information contents, users should use their real identify information and personal materials, and should not register with false and fraudulent resident identity materials, enterprise registration materials, organization code certificate. In case any changes occurred to users personal information, the user should update timely.

      5.2 Users can edit account name, head picture, introduction, etc. in registration material in accordance with relevant administrative regulations, and shall not include illegal and objectionable materials. When changing or deleting relevant information, users may cause missing of words, pictures, visions, etc. saved in system. In such case, FansTime will not take any responsibility for the missing of contents caused by usersown operation.

      5.3 In case user violates the aforesaid agreement, FansTime shall have right to take from time to time such measures as refusing to register, noticing correction within time limit, cancelling registration of users account, stopping or terminating FansTime services, etc. in accordance with the relevant local laws, regulations and national policy requirements. In case user impersonates relevant institutes or public figures to register his/her account name, FansTime shall have right to cancel the users account, and report the matter to the competent department in charge of the management of Internet information contents.

      5.4 FansTime will establish and perfect user information security management system, and implement technical security prevention and control measures. FansTime will keep the privacy of users involved in the using process of FansTime services secret.

      5.5 Since the supply of FansTime services is based on account number and password provided by user in applying for opening the FansTime services, user shall not transfer or lend his/her account and password to others. In case user found his/her account number or FansTime services was illegally used by others, the user should immediately inform FansTime. FansTime shall have right to refuse bearing any responsibility for the illegal use of users account number, password or FansTime services by others caused by hacking behaviors or the negligence of the user.

     5.6 Users agree that FansTime can put various commercial advertisements or any other type of commercial information (including but not limited to advertising on any pages of FansTime website) in various ways. And users agree to accept relevant commercial information to users via e-mail or other modes sent by FansTime. You shall have responsibility to make sure whether or to what extent to pay taxes after deducting the correct amounts to the relevant tax authorities on the proceeds gained from conducting any trades through FansTime services. And you agree to abide by overall relevant local laws. FansTimes users cannot use (and may not bring in) any legal currency for buying/trading any time commodities or any other digital assets, and could not sell time commodity on our platform or exchange into any legal currency. With regard to the prevention of financing terrorism and anti-money laundering activities, FansTime can voluntarily conduct due diligence for preventing the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as for cooperating with local authorities. When using FansTime's services, you should confirm that your behavior is done in legal and correct way, and your digital assets do not originate from illegal activities. FansTime may coordinate with local law enforcement agencies where appropriate to control, restrict or clear your account and digital assets.

      5.7 Users acknowledge, understand and agree to authorize FansTime and its affiliates to use the transferable contents published by FansTime non-exclusively. The aforementioned contents include but not limited to text, photos, videos, etc. It is detailed as follows:

      5.7.1 Conduct Internet spreading or value-added telecom services, etc. of the aforementioned contents on the network platform, application program or products through FansTime itself or other third-party technologies, or on different terminals (including but not limited to computer, mobile phone, Internet TV, set-top box, and other Internet-connected devices, etc.) in free or charging form via cable or wireless network and through different forms (including but not limited to on-demand, live broadcasts, downloads, etc.);

      5.7.2 Copy, translate, incorporate the above contents into the works, media or technology currently known or later developed by FansTime, and apply them to the development or promotion of FansTime;

      5.7.3 Authorize the above contents to radio station, TV station, network media, operator platform, etc. as well as the media or operator which have cooperation relations with FansTime for broadcasting and transmission, and the promotion and propaganda related to FansTime.

      5.7.4 Other using behaviors out of goodwill of FansTime and its affiliates or authorized by you separately;

      5.7.5 The foregoing authorization granted by users to FansTime and its affiliates shall not alter the ownership of the contents published by users and the ownership of intellectual property, and will not affect the legal right exercised by user over the published contents;

      5.7.6 FansTime will use its best efforts to make reasonable use of the user's authorized content, but it does not mean that FansTime and its affiliates have promised to use it.

     5.8 In the process of using FansTime services, users should make their comments in a civilized manner, respect such personal rights of other users such as personality rights and identity rights according to law so as to establish a harmonious, civilized and polite network environment.

     5.9 Users must follow the following principles when using FansTime services:

     5.9.1 Shall not violate local laws and regulations, and relevant international treaties or rules.

     5.9.2 Shall not violate the agreements, rules, procedures and industrial rules relating to the Network services and FansTime services.

     5.9.3 Shall not violate local laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and the requirements on the authenticity of information.

     5.9.4 Shall not conduct any actions or activities which may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile network.

     5.9.5 Shall not upload, display or spread any false, impersonated, harassing, defamatory, offensive, abusive, threatening racially discriminatory, slanderous, privacy-disclosing, pornographic, malicious plagiarized or any other illegal information.

     5.9.6 Shall not, in any way, infringe such intellectual property rights as the patent right, copyrights, trademark right, etc. or personal rights such as right of personal name, right name, reputation right, honor right, picture right, privacy right, etc. and any other legal rights and interests legally owned by any persons.

     5.9.7 Should not infringe rights and/or interests of FansTime in any form or do anything that is not favorable to FansTime.

      5.9.8 Should not undertake any actions or activities which may affect normal operation of FansTime, damage operation mode of FansTime or destroy ecology of FansTime.

      5.9.9 Should not use FansTime services for any other illegal purposes.

      5.10 Any statement, notice, alerting, etc. made by FansTime on some specified usages of FansTime services in various forms (including but not limited to web page announcements, system notifications, private messages, SMS alerts, etc.) shall be deemed as a part of this agreement. The usage of FansTime services by user shall be regarded as his/her consent on the contents of such statement, notice, alerting, etc.

       5.11 FansTime shall have right to review, supervise and handle over user's behavior and information during using FansTime services, including but not limited to trade of time commodity (amount, quantity, information about buyer and seller, etc.), user information (account information, personal information, etc.) contents published (location, text, images, audio, video, etc.), user behavior (building relationships, reviews, private messages, participating in topics, participating in activities, reporting complaints, etc.). If FansTime found or received third-partys reports or complaints about users violation of the related provisions about the usage rules specified in Article 5 of this Agreement in his/her using of FansTime services, FansTime or its authorized entities shall have right, based on their reasonable judgment, to ask user to:

      a. Making correction within time limit

      b. Directly take all-necessary measures without notice to mitigate or eliminate the effects caused by users misconduct, and shall notify user upon completion of disposal. The above necessary measures include, but are not limited to, changing, masking or deleting relevant contents, warning of unauthorized account, restricting or prohibiting some or all functions of unauthorized account, suspending, terminating or canceling user's right for using FansTime services, etc.

       5.12 Users fully understand and agree that FansTime is just responsible for providing users with platform services such as buying and selling of time commodity, information storage, and sharing. Users have to be responsible for overall behaviors occurred under his/her registered accounts, including adverse consequences arisen from any contents, information, etc. sent by you to FansTime. The said adverse consequences include but are not limited to compensation, fines, judicial/arbitral procedure fees, attorney fees, reasonable expenses, damages caused to FansTime, etc. Users should also make judgment on the contents published by other registered users on FansTime himself/herself, and shall bear the legal responsibilities caused by his/her using of the contents on himself/herself, others and society, including but not limited to the risks arisen from reliance on the accuracy, authenticity, completeness or utility of the contents.

      5.13 The ownership of the FansTime account number belongs to FansTime, which is one part of software of FansTime's computer, and an authorization proof of related computer software copyright authorized by FansTime to registered users. Upon completing application of registration procedure by users and gaining the use right of FansTime account, the use right is only belong to the applicant of initial registration. The FansTime account is prohibited to give, lend, lease, transfer or sell to others. In case the user is not the applicant of initial registration, FansTime shall have right, without notice, to freeze or withdraw the account and shall not bear any local legal responsibility for the user of the account. The interruption of communication and materials losses of user arisen therefrom shall be borne by user himself/herself. When dispute occurred to the ownership of account, FansTime shall have right to freeze the disputed account after receiving relevant complaint. The parties in dispute shall offer proofs of account ownership within period of proof (7 working days), and FansTime can unfreeze the disputed account upon its judgment of ownership based on the proofs provided by all parties.

       5.14 In case the account was permanently banned, the deposits and time commodities in account shall be cleared completely, and could not be withdrawn as cash. Especially in such case that the account was suspected to be used for recharging with unreasonable means (including but not limited to illegally recharging credit card), FansTime can temporarily or permanently block the account according to its reasonable judgment. At the same time, FansTime reserves the right to withdraw FansTime account and username at any time.

    5.15 You are prohibited to use FansTime for any form of money laundering. FansTime will closely monitor this type of behavior and have right to investigate abnormal asset turnover with huge amount among multiple directional accounts, and shall have right to coordinate competent departmentsinvestigation by submitting your information about identity, records of account, etc. to them.

       5.16 If Users found infringing contents uploaded by other users in the process of his/her using of FansTime services, they can directly click Reportbutton to report the matter to relevant department, and latter will verify and handle the matter as soon as possible. If users think that it is necessary to report to judicial or administrative department, because that the matter, in his/her opinion, could not be solved by the above method, they are suggested to report the matter to latter promptly, while FansTime will cooperate with the judicial authorities in investigation and collection of evidence according to law.

       6 Standards for trading time commodity

     6.1 Fund or token account refers to the account prepared for user to settle funds or tokens, which is opened by user at FansTime specially used for the purchase and sale of FansTimes time commodity, and by which FansTime makes front-end control over the trade of users time commodity, and conduct such businesses as clearing, settlement, etc.

       6.2 When opening fund or token account, users shall set payment passwords themselves. Users may change their passwords from time to time during the normal trade of time commodity. Users should firmly remember their passwords and are responsible for keeping them secret. Overall businesses completed through entering their passwords shall be deemed as the true intention of the users.

       6.3 Users can deposit or withdraw funds or tokens freely according to laws. When the funds or tokens are transferred from their fund or token account to other addresses in the form of withdrawing cash, it may be deemed as the true intention of the users. And users shall bear the responsibility for losses caused to him/her by wrong token address or other reasons.

       6.4 FansTime shall collect varieties of fees from users and pay taxes on behalf of them according to the standards or practices within unified scope, and automatically transfer funds among usersaccounts.

       6.5 In case user violates rules for settling funds or tokens, FansTime may transfer the net time commodity bought in by user to its disposal account of time commodity, and require user to make up the funds or tokens within the agreed time limit. In case user breaks the rules about payment and collection of time commodity, FansTime may temporarily refuse to transfer the funds or tokens equivelent to the payment or collection funds in fault to user.

       6.6 In case user is suspected to break law in his/her behaviors of trading time commodity, FansTime may request relevant authorities to investigate his/her administrative of criminal liabilities according to law.

      6.7 Users can query deal results with FansTime within 3 days after placing orders. When disagreeing with the results, users may address inquiries in written form to FansTime on the day. If users failed to inquiry or failed to address inquiries in written form to FansTime, it may be deemed as that users have confirmed the results.

       6.8 While user entrusts FansTime to buy and sell time commodities, it should guarantee that there is sufficient funds, or tokens or time commodities in its fund account or token account and time commodity account, and guarantee the responsibility for dealing the clearing and settlement according to the transaction results. Otherwise, FansTime shall have right to refuse the entrustment instruction of user. When user has not sufficient funds or tokens or time commodities, and user was success in buying or selling due to abnormal reasons, user shall bear the responsibilities for returning the overdraft funds or tokens or for selling out overall time commodities. FansTime may make disposal on user's funds or tokens and time commodities, including but not limited to restrict withdrawals and trading, and to retention, deduction and forced liquidation. And all the losses and local legal consequences arising therefrom should be borne by user, and FansTime shall have right to claim compensation losses caused to FansTime.

      6.9 The losses caused to FansTime by usersbreach of agreement should be borne by users themselves. FansTime shall have the priority right to be repaid over the funds and tokens in usersfund or token accounts and the time commodities in their time commodity accounts.

      6.10 For the disputes concerning the property inheritance rights and the property ownership of user, FansTime shall handle it in accordance with the certificate issued by notary office or the adjudication of judicial authority

       7 Entrustment buying and selling

       7.1 All transactions of time commodities conducted by users at FansTime shall be done in the form of entrustment trade, by which, users complete and relevant information inquiry about time commodity by entering entrustment instruction into FansTime computer system, including but not limited to entrustment methods of time commodity entrustment trade and the related information inquiry method realized by entering instruction in FansTime computer system via Internet by using computer or hand-hold equipment.

       7.2 Users accept the following services provided by FansTime:

       7.21 Receiving and enforcing legal and effective entrustment instruction issued by users;

       7.2.2 Conducting liquidation, settlement and performance of time commodity on behalf of users;

       7.2.3 Taking care of time commodities bought in or held by users on behalf of them;

       7.2.4 Entrusted by users, conducting inquiry about entrustment, completion of transaction, and the changes occurred to the funds and tokens in fund or token account, or the time commodity in time commodity account, and submitting corresponding list at the request of the user;

       7.2.5 Other matters agreed by both parties according to law;

       7.2.6 Other services provided according to the provisions of relevant government departments.

       7.3 The entrustment trade modes adopted by users should be conducted according to the modes decided by FansTime, and should recognize and consent overall articles of rules and conduct trading of time commodities accordingly on the basis that users have carefully read the Entrustment Agreement for Purchasing and Selling FansTimes Time Commodity and completely understood its overall contents, and made the decision based on his/her independent thinking before make normal purchase. Clicking checked item by users mean that they have completely accept the User Usage Agreement of FansTime, the Entrustment Agreement for Purchasing and Selling FansTimes Time Commodity and other rules and standards published by FansTime as well.

      7.4 The entrustment method is mainly focused on self-help entrustment, which includes telephone, video phone, mobile phone APP, website, and other legal entrustment methods approved by FansTime. Users should fully understand the operation methods of various entrustment systems. And FansTime shall have obligation to respond to the possible inquiries.

      7.5 When entrusting FansTime to trade time commodity as his/her agent, users can do it in the mode of limited price entrustment or market price entrustment.

      7.6 The entrustment instruction issued by users in the trading method specified in this Agreement should be subject to the records saved in FansTime computer. All the trades refused by FansTime computer system should be deemed as invalid trading.

      7.7 Within the term of validity of entrustment, users may issue cancellation instruction on the trading without returned execution report (except those otherwise stipulated by the trading rules). Although the cancellation instruction of users was issued by FansTime, but in case that users have completed trading in market because of the fluctuation of market price and speed of returning execution report, users have to recognize the fact of conclusion of the business.

      7.8 FansTime shall not assume any responsibility for the consequences arisen from the trades completed under the effective entrustment of users.

      7.9 The completion of users trading A is judged according to the settlement data of FansTime with the real time return report of transaction only serving as reference. In case that no real time execution report was returned after the price being traversed because of the technical reasons in the respects of such as market, equipment, network communications, etc., the judgment of completion of entrustment of the user then should be subject to the settlement data finally issued by FansTime. FansTime accepts usersinquiry about the completion of entrustment, changes of funds or tokens and time commodity in account, and supply corresponding list upon usersrequirements.

      7.10 Users shall make sure that it has completely understood the relevant rules prior to making entrustment, so as to avoid issuing invalid entrustment instruction. Otherwise, overall consequences arisen therefrom should be borne by users themselves.

       7.1.1 Users shall not engage in the trading of time commodity in the ways that violate local laws and regulations, or are prohibited by FansTime business rules such as secret deal, market manipulation, etc.

       7.12 Upon finding the following abnormalities, which affect the normal use of users, the users should immediately notify FansTime.

     7.12.1 FansTime is open but users cannot access the system;

       7.12.2 User found abnormal balance of fund or token in fund or token account.

       7.12.3 FansTime is open, but users found abnormal balance in valuable time commodities;

       7.12.4 User got known that someone has used his/her user password, registered password, or personal certificate without any authorization.

       When above-mentioned matter occurred, users shall promptly contact FansTime to ensure that users normal trading may be resumed as soon as possible.

      7.13 According to the requirements of the management on FansTimes users behavior, FansTime shall systematically conduct monitoring over the trading of userstime commodities, as well as the funds or tokens. And when FansTime has found usersfollowing behaviors, it should take effective measures to prevent such possibly existing abnormal trading behavior.

       7.13.1 Users make big amount declaration, big deal, big withdrawal, and frequent withdrawal on single item.

       7.13.2 Users buy in or sell out related single-type time commodity to a large and continuous extent before the single-type commodity was exposed;

       7.13.3 Users buy in a single-type time commodity in a centralized and continuous way with huge funds or tokens;

     7.13.4 Users sell out huge quantity of time commodities held by them in a centralized and continuous way.

      7.13.5 Users and relatively fixed users have changed their roles between seller and buyer frequently;

      7.13.6 Latest final price plus huge amount as shown by the market information at the time when the purchase price declared by users was significantly higher than the selling price and significantly lower than the price prior to the declaration time.

      7.13.7 FansTime was listed in the opening information list of time commodity according to relevant rules and related notices, and users concentrated and made a large number of trading on related varieties of commodities;

      7.13.8 Users buy in single-type commodity to a large and centralized extent;

      7.13.9 Revolving trades are frequently and greatly conducted by Users within a single trade day;

      7.13.10 Users completed a great deal of adverse trades at the same price at the same time within a single trading day;

      7.13.11 Other abnormal situations which, in FansTimes opinion, should be paid attention to.

      7.14 For usersinstruction received by FansTime, in case FansTime failed to perform usersnew instruction because the old one was not cancelled, users shall bear the consequence caused therefrom.

      8. Online trading

      8.1 Online trading refers to a kind of service supplied by FansTime to users for using to issue trade instruction on time commodity and obtaining transaction results through Internet-based or mobile communication network-based online time commodity trade system. It includes the entrustment at user terminal needing downloading software and the one which directly uses pages of FansTimes website without needing to download software. The terminals of online trading for surfing the Internet include computer, mobile phone, etc.

8.2 According to the provisions on the use of digital message and electronic signature in civil contracts, the electronic contracts by electronic signatures shall have the same legal effect as the paper contracts in the locality. As permitted by local laws, in order to improve the efficiency for signing contracts, users agree to adopt electronic contracts and electronic signatures in the process of the trading of time commodities participated by FansTime.

      By confirming its acceptance of relevant electronic contract or text after logging in network system specified by FansTime by verifying users digital certificate or password, the user will be deemed as agreeing to sign the contract, which has the same legal force as that of signing on paper agreement or affixed with seals in locality. Thus, the user needs not to sign paper agreement separately.

      Users shall properly manage his/her password. All operations conducted by the user after logging in users account with his/her password are viewed as the personal behavior of users themselves, and they shall bear all legal consequences occurred therefrom in locality. Users know and understand that opening account online has the risks than the other traditional account opening including but not limited to the following ones. Users is willing to bear such risks:

      Users should recognize and consent overall articles of rules and conduct trading of time commodities accordingly on the basis that users have carefully read the Agreement on Opening Online Business and Electronic Signature for Users and completely understood its overall contents, and made the decision based on his/her independent thinking before make normal trading. Clicking checked item by users mean that they have completely accept the User Usage Agreement of FansTime, the Agreement on Opening Online Business and Electronic Signature for Users and other rules and standards published by FansTime as well.

      8.3 Digital certificate or passwords for online trading are the valid identification for online trading of time commodity, and should be taken good care of by users, and should not be disclosed or transferred. In case missing or damage occurred to the digital certificate or passwords for online trading, users shall have responsibility to report the loss of them to FansTime as soon as possible. Overall losses caused by usersfailure of keeping good care of digital certificate or passwords for online trading should be borne by users it.

      8.4 The software used by users for conducting online trading must be provided by FansTime or downloaded from the website designated by FansTime. Users should bear any responsibilities for the results caused by using software from other than the above-mentioned routes.

      8.5 The online entrustment conducted by using online digital certificate or online entering special password, fund or token account, payment password of user, should be deemed as being conducted by user itself with overall consequences arising therefrom borne by user.

      8.6 The single entrustment business entrusted by user online, and the maximum transaction amount completed in a single day should be subject to the relevant rules of FansTime.

      8.7 In case user failed to enter online entrustment system due to wrong entering of password for successive five times, FansTime shall have right to temporarily freeze the online trade of user. The number of continuously wrong input of password should be subject to the computer record of FansTime. When online trading of user was frozen, if user wants to unfreeze online trading the same day, it can apply for this by calling service center of FansTime, and FansTime may unfreeze upon verifying and checking the correctness of users identity.

      8.8 Users shall not disclose the reference materials about time commodity trade obtained from FansTime via online trading system of FansTime to any third party without the necessary permit.

      8.9 Users should independently use the online trading system instead of using it together with others. And users shall not use the online trading system in engaging in acting trade business of time commodity, and collecting any fees from it.

      8.10 With the development of information technology and the innovation of trading market of time commodity, new types of trading modes and new businesses of time commodities will continue to increase. For some of these new types of trading modes and new business types of time commodities, under the premise of complying with local State laws, regulations and industrial standards, FansTime shall timely supply users with online opening or appointment services depending on the specific circumstances of the new business.

      Users are suggested to carefully read, before make normal trading, the Agreement of Self-Entrustment and Self-Opening New Business and completely understood its overall contents, and recognized and agreed overall articles of rules and would conduct trading of time commodity accordingly based on his/her independent thinking. Clicking checked item by users mean that they have completely accept the User Usage Agreement of FansTime, the Agreement of Self-Entrustment and Self-Opening New Business and other rules and standards published by FansTime as well.

      When opening new trading modes or time commodity business types through Internet or mobile communication network, users should enter account number, payment password or other identity verification documents according to the procedure specified by FansTime. All input being correct as verified by FansTime should be regarded as operation being completed by users; and application letter/sheet or agreement signed via online entrustment system should be deemed as signed by users with overall consequences arising therefrom bearing by users.

      Such matters as new trading methods, business contents of new types of time commodities, opening time commodity or not and its opening time, etc. shall be determined by FansTime according to the business characteristics and operational procedures.

      The trading methods and new types of businesses by usersself-service opening shall be deemed as that users have full mastered the relevant details and matters need attention about operating methods, understood various risks involving in the trading method and new type of business, and can bear varieties of possible losses therefrom.

      9. Expenses and fees settlement

      9.1 Usersconsent of this Agreement means that he/she fully understand and agree that the trading services of time commodity supplied by FansTime are paid services. FansTime may collect commission and other service fees, deduct funds or paying relevant taxes and fees on behalf of party concerned in accordance with local laws, regulations and rules, business rules of FansTime, and provisions related to FansTimes rules. FansTime shall have right to adjust above charging standards according to market situations.

      9.2 The charges involving in FansTime are as follows:

      9.2.1 Trading commission: The buyer and seller involved in the trading shall pay, one time, the trading commission equivalent to 3of trading price upon the completion of each trading. Upon the completion of trading, trading system will deduct trading commission immediately.

      9.2.2 Withdrawal fees: Against the withdrawing of users, 50 IFS fees should be paid one-time on each withdrawing. The starting point for paying fees is 100 IFS. Upon the completion of withdrawal, trading system will deduct withdrawing fees immediately.

      9.2.3 Taxes and fees on trading: Buyers and sellers involved in the trading shall bear corresponding taxes and fees on each transaction.

      9.2.4 Other expense refers to the transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. incurred to FansTime for completing general business, and the expenses charged by the third parties such as bank, post office, etc. such as inquiry fees, courier fees, etc. incurred to bank, etc. in the examination process shall be borne by users.

      9.3 Any statement, notice, alerting, etc. made by FansTime on some specified usages of FansTime services in various forms (including but not limited to web page announcements, system notifications, private messages, SMS alerts, etc.) shall be deemed as a part of this agreement. The usage of FansTime services by user shall be regarded as his/her consent on the contents of such statement, notice, alerting, etc.

      10. Intellectual property

      10.1 FansTime is the holder of ownership and intellectual property of FansTime.

      10.2 FansTime is the owner of FansTimes products, and holder of its intellectual property. The above FansTimes products refer to the following functions, software and services provided by FansTime, its affiliates, or its authorized entities, etc. through FansTime, including but not limited to sharing information published, key chains expansion, convenient auxiliary tools, platform application program, public open platform, etc.

      10.3 FansTime is the owner of information about FansTime and FansTimes products and the holder of its intellectual property. The aforementioned information includes but is not limited to program code, interface design, layout framework, data files, account numbers, text, pictures, graphics, charts, audio, video, etc., excluding the rights over the contents shared by relevant owners according to local laws and regulations.

      10.4 In case that user uses the functions, software or services developed by third party for FansTime services which will be run on FansTime platform, the user shall abide by the relevant rules of the third party in addition to the rules of this Agreement, and should respect the rights of the third parties governing functions, software, services, and the contents contained herein.

      10.5 Whereas, users understand and agree

      10.5.1 Without consents of FansTime and related rights holders, users are not allowed to make reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling on above functions, software and services, and shall not publish and broadcast the above contents or materials, directly or indirectly, on any media, or rewrite, re-publish for the purposes of broadcasting or publishing, or for other purposes.

      10.5.2 With the commercially reasonable efforts, FansTime shall not assume any responsibilities toward users or any third parties in any form for delay, inaccuracies, errors, omissions or any damages arising therefrom occurred to the above functions, software, services and the contents contained therein;

      10.5.3 FansTime shall not make any guaranteed or joint commitment or warranty on functions, software, services, or contents provided by any third parties. Any disputes, controversies or damages arising therefrom shall be resolved by users and third parties themselves. FansTime shall not assume any responsibility;

      10.5.4 In order to better maintain FansTimes ecology, FansTime reserves the right to dispose the products or contents with their ownership and intellectual property right being held by FansTime in the scope of any time commodities and in any forms, including but not limited to such disposal methods as amendment, masking, deletion or any other methods permitted by local laws and regulations.

      11 Privacy protections

      11.1 The Privacyas referred in this Agreement includes personal privacy, and the contents regulated as privacy in local laws and regulations formulated or revised from time to time.

      11.2 Protecting users privacy and other personal information is a basic policy of FansTime, and FansTime guarantees that it will not use registration data of individual user and non-public contents stored by users in FansTime when using FansTime services for any illegal purposes, and ensures that it will gain users consent in advance before using registration data of individual user for commercial purposes, except the following cases:

      11.2.1 Obtain authorization from user beforehand;

      11.2.2 For safeguarding public interests;

      11.2.3 Opened by school, research institute, etc. for the academic research or statistical purposes based on public interest, with the written consent of the user, and being specific natural person unrecognizable through opening method.

      11.2.4 The information opened by user on its network, or other personal information legally opened;

      11.2.5 Personal information obtained through legal channels;

      11.2.6 In case user infringes FansTimes legitimate rights and interests, for maintain the aforementioned legal rights and interests within the necessary scope;

      11.2.7 According to the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

      11.2.8 According to the requirements of relevant local laws, regulations or policies;

      11.2.9 Other necessary circumstances.

      11.3 In order to improve the quality of FansTimes services, FansTime may cooperate with third parties to provide relevant FansTime services to users, which may include but is not limited to mutual exchanges between FansTimes user data and third-partys user data. In this case, the user knows and agrees that FansTime shall have right to supply the third party with the users registration data after regulating such user data may only be used for the purpose of supplying FansTimes services, and with the premise that the third party agrees to bear the responsibility for protecting users privacy to the same extent as that of FansTime. In addition, FansTime should conduct supervision and management over the behaviors of the third party in its use of the users data so as to protect the safety of the said personal information of the user with its overall reasonable efforts.

     12. Statement on Exclusion of Liability

     12.1 Users should abide by the States and local laws, regulations, rules and policies in the process of using FansTime services, and shall be liable for the consequences arisen from his/her behavior in using FansTime services.

     12.2 Any information published through FansTime services, and any view communicated through FansTime services does not represent the position of FansTime, and FansTime will not be responsible for its completeness, authenticity, accuracy, or reliability. Users should make their own judgment on the information, which may be illegal, unethical, wrong, or other inadequacies, as well as the published contents which are misclassified and deceptive. In any cases, any losses or damages caused by any information including but not limited to any error or omission arising therefrom, or any information released in the forms such as publishing via FansTime services, personal messages, communication, or spread elsewhere should be completely borne by relevant behavior subjects.

     12.3 Since the external link-oriented contents of web pages are not under the actual control of FansTime, therefore, FansTime cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the external link, which is set up for providing users with convenience.

     12.4 For any interruption of FansTime services or other defects caused by force majeure or other reasons, which are out of FansTimes control, FansTime shall not bear any responsibility but tries its best to help users reducing losses and impacts therefrom.

     12.5 Users agree that FansTime shall not be liable for any losses caused by quality defects of the following products or services provided by FansTime to users:

     12.5.1 The FansTime services freely provided by FansTime to users;

     12.5.2 Any products or services presented by FansTime to users;

     12.5.3 Varieties of products or services as extra gifts presented by FansTime to charging users.

     12.6 Users understand and agree that FansTime may cooperate with third parties to provide users with products (including but not limited to games, third-party applications, etc.), accept the follow-up works such as upgrading, maintenance, customer service, etc. of the products supplied by the third party to them. And such third party shall assume the responsibility for overall disputes or userslosses arisen from the quality problem of the products or the reasons of products themselves. And users hereby agree to claim to such third party for overall relevant rights and losses.

     12.7 In case the duration of service was not marked or marked as permanent, indefinite durationor no limiton products or services supplied by FansTime, the duration of service will start from the day when users obtain the product or service and end on the day when the product or service of FansTime is offline. In case this Agreement was terminated by the reason of FansTime, or users cannot continuously use the product or service after FansTime being offline, FansTime will supply affected users with alternative charging network services with same value.

     12.8 FansTime shall have right to take effective measures to stop possible abnormal behaviors, which may include but are not limited to restricting sales, freezing accounts, limiting withdrawals, etc. Overall losses and legal consequences occurred in locality therefrom should be borne by users themselves.

     12.9 User explicitly agrees that the risks accompanied with the use of services should be borne by the user personally. FansTime expressly states that it will not offer any type of guarantee, whether implicit or explicit, except the hidden commercial guarantee, or appropriate warranties with specified target and not violating regulations. FansTime will not guarantee that the services will certainly meet the demands of users, and that the services will not be interrupted, and that the services are timely, safe or error-free. FansTime refuses to offer any warranties for whether the information may be transferred accurately, timely or smoothly. Users understand and accept that it is his/her matter to download or gain any information through FansTime's product services, and shall bear overall risks and responsibilities for systems damages and materialmissing. FansTime will not give guarantee to gaining any commodity purchasing services from FansTime platform or to trading process. Users shall not receive any oral or written opinions or information from FansTime, and FansTime will not make any explicit guarantees hereby.

     12.10 FansTime, as the third-party platform of network service providers, will not guarantee that the information and services on the website platform can fully meet the needs of users. It will not bear any legal responsibilities for the error, insult, defamation, inaction, obscene, pornography, or blasphemy, which may be encountered by users when they receive FansTime's services. Considering the specialty of Internet, FansTime does not guarantee the consistency, timeliness and security of services, and will not bear any responsibilities for anything that was caused by FansTimes reason. FansTime will try its best to enable users to safely access and use this website, but it neither announces nor guarantees that its website or its servers are free from viruses or other potentially harmful factors. Therefore, users should use the software recognized in industry to kill any viruses maybe existing in the downloaded FansTimes files. FansTime will not assume any responsibilities for the storage, modification, deletion or storage failure of information published by users. FansTime shall not take any responsibilities for typographical errors, negligence, etc. on its website caused by FansTimes unintended behaviors. FansTime shall have right but not obligation to improve or correct omissions or errors existing in any part of its website. Unless FansTime has expressly agreed in writing otherwise, FansTime will not guarantee the accuracy, Integrity, reliability of any information including but not limited to ads, etc. obtained by users in any forms (including but not limited to the forms of containing, going through, linking or downloading) from this website. FansTime will not assume any responsibilities for any products, services, information, or materials purchased or acquired by users as a result of believing the information of this website. Users shall bear the risks brought by using the contents of materials gained from this website. Overall comments published by users on FansTime are the personal views of users, do not mean that our website has agreed their views or verified their descriptions. Our website will not bear any legal responsibilities caused by the comments released by users. FansTime has right to delete any information in FansTime, which do not comply with legal rules or agreement provisions, and reserves the right not to inform users. Overall notices issued to users will be sent by such means as web page announcement, letter of website, e-mail, customer service telephone, mobile phone short message, or regular letter delivery. FansTime will not bear any legal responsibilities for such activities or information about prize-winning or promotion, which are obtained from informal channels. FansTime shall have right to adjust charging, withdrawing, trading fees according to market situation and set the deadline for free promotion activities.

     13. Compensation for breach of contract

     13.1 In case FansTime has caused losses to users because of its violation of relevant local laws, regulations, or any articles under this Agreement, FansTime agrees to bear the responsibility for compensating the damages arisen herein.

     13.2 Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of FansTime and other users. In case users have caused losses to FansTime and other users because of their violations of relevant local laws, regulations, or any articles under this Agreement, users agree to bear the responsibility for compensating the damages arisen herein.

     14. Modification of the Agreement

     14.1 FansTime shall have right to modify, from time to time, any terms of this Agreement. Once any changes occurred to the contents of this Agreement, FansTime will publish the revised contents of the Agreement on FansTimes website. If users do not agree with the above modification, they can choose to stop using FansTime services. FansTime may also choose other appropriate means (such as system notification) to notify users of the contents changed.

     14.2 In case disagreeing with the modification of the terms of this Agreement done by FansTime, users shall have right to stop using FansTime services. In users continues using FansTime services, the users will be deemed that they have accepted the modification made by FansTime on the relevant articles of this Agreement.

     15. Notice delivery

     15.1 Overall notices under the Agreement to be sent by FansTime to users can be delivered by webpage announcement, email, system notification, proactive contact of FansTime management account, private message, cell phone short message, or regular mail delivery, etc., and shall be deemed delivered on the day when the notice was sent.

     15.2 The notices sent by users to FansTime shall be delivered by following means: correspondence address, fax number, e-mail address, etc. officially announced by FansTime.

     16. Other regulations

     16.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect of the matters agreed in this Agreement and other relevant matters. No other rights are awarded to the parties of this Agreement except the ones specified in this Agreement.

     16.2 If any terms in this Agreement became invalid or unenforceable, wholly or partially, because of any reasons, the other terms of this Agreement will continuously have validity and binding force.

16.3 Titles have been utilized for convenience only and shall be disregarded in construing the provisions of this Agreement.